Rescued Puppy Doesn`t Know How To Use A Bed (VIDEO)

Rescued puppy from Korea`s meat farm does not even know how to use a bed. This poor puppy has been through so much! Scroll down for the video!

Meet Harriet. She is rescued puppy from a Korea`s meat farm. Harriet is one of the few lucky ones, but she still has her scars and fears. The sweet, poor dog is one of 200 rescued from a Korean dog meat farm by the Humane Society International. After arriving in the United States, Harriet and the 13 other dogs are currently at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to receive the much needed care.

There at the center, rescuers saw something so sad that it breaks the hardest heart. Sweet Harriet had no idea how to even use a bed. She was living in inhumane conditions with little room for her entire life. This sweet soul chose to fall asleep standing up instead of on the plush bed that was provided for her.

rescued puppy 1

Luckily, those old habits are starting to fade away slowly. Harriet is starting to realize a bit by bit that her new life, full of care, compassion and gifts too, is now a permanent one. The shelter later posted a photo of this sweet dog sitting down and all snuggled up. Harriet and also the other rescued puppies from the meat farm will be available for adoption in the upcoming weeks, after they fully recover.

Here is the video of sweet Harriet falling asleep standing up, luckily she is slowly learning that life can be good and that she has a bed now!

There are plenty dogs that do not have a home, a bed or anyone in the world. In Korea dogs are dying everyday on meat farms. Hopefully, we will solve this problem in the near future. Every animal has a soul and every animal counts too. They need our help, now more than ever!


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