Rescuers Save 3 Puppies In The Italy`s Horror Avalanche

5 days after the devastating avalanche destroyed a hotel in Italy, rescuers find 3 puppies buried in rubble!

On January 18, 2017, earthquakes totally ravaged Rigopiano in Italy. Guests that were staying at a hotel were stuck inside because of the snowdrifts. Later that afternoon, an terrible avalanche plowed through the mountain, destroying the hotel completely. Emergency response teams and rescuers immediately came to the sight, trying to find survivors in the rubble. 9 people were saved from the wreckage, and two hotel guests were safe because in that moment they were outside the hotel.

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Rescuers were slowly losing hope when their search was not leading to people, but then they found a new form of motivation, 3 lost puppies. The hotel was not only home to visitors, but it was also the residence of two Abruzzo sheepdogs and their three adorable puppies. While rescuers were looking for 22 people who are still missing, they found these pups in an air pocket and sent in the firefighters to save them.

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According to the BBC news, the rescuers figured out actually where the puppies were before they were able to approach them at all. Once they found a safe way into the rubble, the firefighters were able to save all of them.

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The puppies seemed healthy at first sight. Just in case they took them to a veterinarian. He checked that they are truly OK and that everything is alright.

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The rescue of the dogs gave the rescue crews some much needed hope. The hope that there might be more people still alive in the air pockets.

 The parents  of the puppies also survived the avalanche. Their made their way through six feet of snow to a neighboring village, where a woman took them in. The women also now has their puppies.

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This family is together once again and well. A little bit of hope on this horrible event!

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