Rescuers Save Over 500 Puppies! Guess What Happens Next?

Rescuers save more than 500 puppies from an unsafe puppy mill. Then every single puppy gets a forever home and a loving family! Scroll down for the video!

Victoria Stilwell, a pet behavior expert and the host of the television show, “It’s Me Or The Dog” documents the rescue of over 500 puppies and dogs from an inhumane, unsafe puppy mill. Unfortunately, an overwhelming number of puppies come from puppy mills, and many of the mills are operating without oversight. The poor, vulnerable dogs live in such harsh conditions, as puppy mills are unsafe and unsanitary too. These kind rescuers save over 500 precious dogs from one puppy mill.

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Puppy mills focus only on profit, rather than the well being of the dogs. This causes many inbred dogs which are more prone to health and also genetic conditions. Additionally, many of these puppies are separated from their mothers and fellow siblings already at birth. They tend to develop serious behavioral anxiety and fearfulness too.

Victoria, along with the help of the Cherokee County Animal Shelter and Marshal’s Office, rescued over 500 puppies and dogs from a puppy mill. From recent newborns to slightly older dogs, each dogs got removed from their cruel habitations and brought back to safety, to an animal shelter.

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Six months later, the puppies were ready to get their loving, caring families and forever homes. Potential owners were so eager to pick up their newest and hairiest member of the family. There was a line over a mile, with some so excited, that they ended up camping out the night before.

 With this turnout, hundreds of people came to pick up their  new furry friend, and every puppy got a forever home!

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One year later, at the adoption reunion party, you could see the smiles on the dogs’ faces, as they have happily settled into their new forever homes with their new families.

Check out the video of these rescued puppy mill dogs and their transformations!

With the collective efforts of Victoria Stilwell and the team, the inspirational group was able to rescue over 500 innocent puppies and provide them with happy, also healthy, and loving homes for years to come.

What a lovely happy ending. These dogs got another chance for life. They are happy and healthy now and most importantly they are safe and have a family who loves them.

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