Rottweiler Left On The Roof Is Finally Safe

Rottweiler called Isis escaped to the roof through a hole in the attic during a house break-in

 A starved and terrified Rottweiler puppy was rescued from the roof of her owner’s home in Ohio. The Ohio fire department rescued her after she had been stranded there for three days.

Meet Isis, the abandoned Rottweiler !



Plenty people in Youngstown watched as firefighters carried the puppy to safety on Saturday morning. It took them over an hour to bring the poor Rottweiler puppy down to solid ground after she had climbed through a hole in the attic of the three-story house on South Jackson Street.


Neighbors called authorities several times about the Rottweiler on the roof. Every time an animal services officer went to the scene the puppy was not there. While the firefighters were  working to get the dog out of the dangerous spot, her owner actually shows up with quite the story.


The owner said that he was at a friends house for a week and that he left the dog, which is neglectful in its own right. He said he did not know how his dog got onto the roof. Well, this is so wrong. How can anyone just leave their puppy like that. This poor Rottweiler had really been through a lot.

Just look how tall this house is. This sweet dog was in so much danger.


Check out how they save the dog

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