Santa Shows Up At Animal Day Care (VIDEO)

Dogs get the best Christmas present when Santa shows up at animal day care! Scroll down for the video!

Children love going to visit Santa when the holiday season rolls around, and as it turns out, so do dogs too. Edel O’Meara and her partner Thomas Malone, own The Doggie Lodge a dog day care in Wicklow, Ireland. They wanted to do something special for the dogs they care for this year and instead of getting them all individual presents, they got them the ultimate present, a visit from Santa! The dogs were so happy!


The sneaky Malone dressed up as Santa and surprised the 45 cute dogs, who were all really thrilled to see him, even though if some were not exactly sure what was actually happening.  “They all reacted quite well to Santa although they were a bit confused,” O’Meara says. Even the dogs who were not exactly sure who he was were still overjoyed to receive some presents and holiday cheer. What a lovely thing to do for the dogs. They deserve it too.



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