Scared Bull Escapes A Slaughterhouse And Runs For His Life

A scared bull escapes a New York city slaughterhouse and decides to run for his life!

A scared bull was literally running for his life on Tuesday morning through the streets of Queens, New York after he escaped from a slaughter house! The poor bull was so scared and also really determined to escape. Even after officials darted him with some sedatives, he still kept running. The bull escaped around 11 a.m on Tuesday. Police cornered the bull in a backyard in Jamaica, Queens, but he was so determined to break free that he managed to run away again.

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After an hour long chase, the scared bull was sedated and then captured.  In the meanwhile, a rescuer was on his way. He was driving to the city from New Jersey to try to give this bull a whole new life. “I am on my way right now,” says Mike Stura, the founder of Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue in Wantage, New Jersey.

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Stura says that if they capture the bull once again that he will try to do everything he possibly can to save him. “Then comes the hard part where I try to convince them to give him to me,” Stura says.

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Stura was successful last year when a similar thing happened. He was able to persuade the owner of a Queens slaughterhouse to let another escaped bull retire to Skylands sanctuary, so that he could live out his life.

Unfortunately, this scared bull passed away in transit to the Animal Care Centers (ACC) of New York City. “I am so sorry that he did not make it,” the group writes. An overdose of the tranquilizer is the “most likely cause,” according to Meredith Turner-Smith, a spokesperson at the Farm Sanctuary. “This is very sad. He wanted to live so badly and he really gave it everything he had,” she says.

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