Senior Dog Wants A Home For Holidays

Meet Boss! He is a senior dog who really needs a home! His family could not take care of him and he ended up being homeless!

Boss is 9 years old. He was left at the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS) earlier this year. He is already there for 281 days and he is desperate for a new home. This senior dog is so sweet and lovely. He is still waiting for a family to come and to adopt him.


It is getting colder now and the days are getting darker. We can not know for sure if this senior dog remembers what it is like to have a family to snuggle up with for the holidays. Recently something about his behavior makes it seem like he remembers how lovely the winter season and the holidays can be. Of course,  at a forever home.


Boss is a Staffordshire Spaniel mix breed. He was as at a foster home for a while and he saw how sweet it is to have home.



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