Service Dog Saves His Human From Certain Death In The Most Unbelievable Way

A service dog saved his human owner from certain death in the most amazing way! His loyalty and bravery proves that dogs really our guardian angles! What an amazing story!

Emergency responders rushed to the scene to save the service dog  who jumped in front of a bus to save his blind human. Figo is a Golden Retriever and also a service dog to Audrey Stone from Brewster, NY. Audrey is blind so Figo takes care of her and helps her out. Figo was helping her cross the street that day but Audrey was unable to detect the oncoming, turning minibus.

Meet Audrey and Figo, the two of them do everything together and have an unbreakable bond. Audrey is blind so Figo helps her out with everything. Even more than that, he recently saved her life!

service dog 3

Figo, her furry angel  instinctually threw himself in front of the bus which softened the impact. Both Figo and Audrey are doing ok but suffered a few minor injuries. “Basically, Figo would have died for me, doing what he did,” Audrey says.

Audrey suffered a broken ankle, elbow, and a few ribs. Figo had a serious gash on his legs and both of them required surgery to get back into fighting shape. The mini bus driver was ticketed later on.

service dog 2

Figo inspired Audrey during her recovery, and all she wanted was to reunite with her hero once again. Audrey actually is not fully blind and has 8 by 10 inch photos of Figo which she can make out. Before getting a service guide dog, she use to use a cane. “He makes me get out more” she says of having a service dog.

Dogs  trained by the local Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind actually get trained to avoid oncoming traffic, though turning vehicles are the most difficult. They are learn to put themselves between their handlers and any potential danger.

The two of them are together once again and this brave dog deserves a medal!

The heroic act of this brave dog really proves that dogs are out best friends in life and our little furry guardian angels!


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