Seven Amazing Facts About Snakes That Most People Don`t Know

Here are seven really amazing and interesting facts about snakes that most people do not actually know!

Snakes, very much like spiders and rats, are the kind of animals that people have a very intense like or dislike for. Either you love snakes or you are frighten by them, there is really no room for middle of the road opinions on these potentially dangerous reptiles. Here are seven facts about snakes that will blow your mind and maybe change your opinions about them!

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We often associate a really strong sense of smell with mammals like dogs and bears, but snakes are actually also really good at discerning scents. Even though they have noses, snakes also enhance their sense of smell a lot by flicking their tongues to engage the vomeronasal organs on the roof of their mouths.


Snakes can actually consume things many times bigger than themselves, even including human bodies. Though it is not true that their jaws actually dislocate, they do have 2 lower jaws, one on each side, that  can move independently of each other.


Despite their ability to eat things much larger than themselves, snakes are not always the best at deciding what they should actually eat. There were plenty reports of snakes actually killing themselves by attempting to eat porcupines and also other prickly or otherwise defensively evolved animals.


There is really a lot that scientists still do not really understand about how snakes mate. Different species of snakes seem to do it much differently too. Interestingly, male snakes actually have two penises, and they all have one that they prefer, sort of like being right or left handed.

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Did you know that all female snakes do not actually need male snakes to reproduce? Several species, like timber rattlesnakes, copperheads, and also Burmese pythons, can reproduce through parthogenesis. That is a type of asexual reproduction where the offspring are actually genetic clones of their mothers.


Snakes can still kill you even after they are dead. Many cold blooded animals’ bodies do retain certain reflexes even after they died. Venomous snakes have that bite reflex even after death.


The largest recorded snake was caught at a Malaysian construction site earlier this year. The serpent was actually 26.2 feet long and also weighed about 550 lbs!

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