Seven Things You Have In Your Home That Your Local Animals Shelter Really Needs

These seven things you most probably have in your home, and your local animal shelter desperately needs!

Millions of dogs and cats across the United States of America are currently living in various animal shelters. If these animals get lucky, the animal shelter will act just as a layover on the way to a forever home. There are plenty of ways to help your local shelter that don’t involve adopting an animal if you are unable to for some reason. These seven things most of us have in out home, and the local animal shelter really need!


seven things

Instead of recycling your old newspapers in bins on the garbage day, try instead donating them to your local animal shelters. Old newspapers are very useful to line the bottoms of cages that, as you can probably imagine, get soiled on a regular basis.


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Sometimes very young puppies and kitties still need get nursed at the shelters. Even if the mother is with them, she’s often too weak to nurse and the little ones have to be bottle-fed by the volunteers.


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Those rubber gloves living under your sink just collecting dust could really help to make the cleaning time at your local shelter a lot less painful for the volunteers.


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These pads can be very useful to keep weak animals warm when they first arrive at the shelter. A heating pad can also help to replace a mother’s warmth for rescue missions involving newborn puppies or kittens too.


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Towels and blankets are very useful for things like drying off animals after bath time and also keeping them warm. If your old towels and blankets are just taking up space in your linen closet, then put them to good use at your local shelter and help.

#6 PLASTIC BAGSseven things 8

These plastic bags are very useful in so many ways. They can help to collect the poop and so much more.


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Meat-based baby food is really quite an unexpected favorite among dogs and cats too. Shelters often mix it in with dry food as a special treat for. Donate your leftover baby food to your local shelter and you will make some animals there very happy.

These are all simple, everyday things that most of us have just collecting dust. So, why don`t do something good and help out! You will feel much better and the animals will be happy and thank you!

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