Shelter Dog Cries Himself To Sleep Every Night

Shelter dog cries himself to sleep every night at the shelter! This is really heart breaking! Luckily, he is finally adopted and happy once again! Scroll down for the video!

After over 10 months living in a shelter, Juice, a bullmastiff mix dog was starting to get desperate. He was feeling very sad and all alone in the world. Juice could not manage anymore the stress of a shelter life, and the staff working there noticed that his behavior changed.


He was finally adopted by a family, but Juice was returned to the shelter in just few days. It just was not the right match and after a few of days, he was back in his kennel. He was under so much stress, like never before. Staff  working at the shelter started to notice him crying, panting and pacing more often. One staff member decided to take Juice home for a night just to give him a little break from his shelter life.

However, when she brought Juice back the next morning, upon realizing that he was to return to a kennel once again, Juice began to cry. He continued to cry throughout the day and night too. Poor baby!

shelter dog 4

“Living in a kennel is not really a life, and we are afraid that Juice is beginning to lose himself,” the Facebook post of the shelter says. “He needs a home now, where he can be himself and regain the confidence and trust once again.”

Here is the video of sweet Juice, crying all day and night for a family to love him and a home!

This video went viral and luckily it helped Juice to get a real family finally! After this video was posted, people from all parts of the world wanted to adopt him. After a long, long wait Juice finally has a perfect forever family and a loving home. He deserves it! And he is so happy about it. Just look at his beautiful smile and the joy on his face!

shelter dog3


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