Shelter Dog Learns To Smile (VIDEO)

The sweetest shelter dog learns to smile to people who walk by in desperate hope that someone will take her home! Scroll down for the video!

Meet Riley, the sweetest 2 year old shelter dog who learned to smile in hope that someone will take her home and give her his forever home. A homeless person brought her into Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California, at the end of December 2016. That person found her wandering the streets all alone and decided to help her out.

shelter dog

This sweet shelter dog is incredibly social, and loves every dog and also person she meets. The staff at the shelter desperately want to help her find a loving home as soon as possible. One of the staff at the shelter came up with a great idea.

“My kennel technician, Britney Ridge, fell in love with her personality and for some reason thought that she was one of those dogs that could smile,” Gina Knepp of Front Street Animal Shelter says. “So every day during the feeding time and cleaning , they would talk to each other. As it actually turns out, Ridge was absolutely right. Riley can smile, and it is the sweetest thing you will ever see.

Check out the video of Riley, the smiling shelter dog!

“Britney took out her phone to capture that quirky sweet smile and real magic happened,” Knepp says.  With a cute smile like that, we are sure that little miss Riley will find herself with a brand new loving family very, very soon. She is just one of many dogs out there just looking for some love and care. She is really great with people kids and other animals too. We really hope that Riley will get her forever family and a home real soon, she deserves it. Just imagine how happy she will be when she gets one. She will be smiling all the time then!

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