Shetland Pony Has The Best Dance Moves And Is Not Afraid To Show Them Off

This Shetland Pony is a great dancer! He has some serious dance moves and is not afraid to show them off to everybody! Scroll down for the amusing video!

Horses are generally pretty majestic creatures and really elegant. You might imagine them elegantly galloping through an open field with the sun setting in the background or, maybe, jumping gracefully in some competition. Alvin is an adorable Shetland Pony, he has the looks but he also has some killer dance moves!

shetland 2

Check out this funny video of Alvin, the Shetland Pony dancing!

Shetland pony is a short, stout, very intelligent breed with a really thick coat that comes from the Shetland Isles off the coast of Scotland. Because of the harsh conditions of the isles they are very strong with a thick coat and a robust body too. According to some people, the Shetland Pony is the strongest of all breeds of horses. Reportedly they are able to pull its entire body weight, while most breeds can only manage  around half. They are also very gentle and loyal, which really makes them ideal children’s pet.

shetland 3

Today, usually children ride these horses. They can also take them to the horse shows in harness driving classes sa well as for the pleasure driving outside the show rings. Small children ride them at the horse shows, in riding schools and for pleasure too. Sometimes you can actually see them in commercial settings such as fairs or maybe carnivals to provide some short rides for visitors. You can also find them in petting zoos and sometimes in therapeutic horseback riding purposes. In the UK, Shetlands are also a part at the Shetland Pony Grand National, galloping around a racecourse with the young jockeys.

These horses are strong and gentle at the same time. They are elegant and goofy too. They really are wonderful!

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