Shopping Mall In Istanbul Gives Shelter To Dogs

A shopping mall in Istanbul gives shelter to stray dogs during this harsh winter in Europe! Such a nice gesture in such hard times!

This year`s winter in Europe is so cold and so harsh that people and animals are struggling to survive. A shopping mall in Istanbul, Turkey gives shelter to stray dogs so they could warm up and have a normal rest. The shopping mall opened their doors for all the stray dogs, providing blankets, food and water. This winter so far has been so cold that plenty people say that this is the coldest winter in the Eastern Europe in the last 50 years.

 All the dogs got their own blanket, some food and some water. What a nice and kind gesture!

shopping mall 2

All over Europe people and animals are dying from cold weather and the harsh winter. It is really rough in Poland, Slovenia, Serbia but also in all the other countries. Animals really suffer during winter if they are on the streets. It is not only dogs and cats, birds are also really suffer during winter. Without water, food and shelter they have no chance.

When it is cold like this most of the water is frozen and the animals can not get to any water source. It is up to us to help them. Every each one of us can make a difference. Put some fresh water and some food and you might end up saving a life. Every life counts and every life is precious. Every year there are so many abandoned animals, and it is not their fault for that. All they want is some love and care. The least what we can do is give them some food and water if not a shelter too. It is not that hard to make an improvised shelter for them to keep them warm. Animals depend on us. They love us so much in return, we should give back and help them!

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