Sick Cat Finds The Perfect Person To Cure Her

Sick, shelter cat finds the perfect person to cure her and to help her recover! What a lovely story! And what a cute kitty!

Mildred is a shelter kitty who got a bad cold. When her owner went to a nursery center Mildred got sent to a shelter. Because there are plenty cats at the shelter, she picked up a nasty cold. She was sneezing a lot, and her nose was very runny too. Becca Gordon ended up fostering Mildred and the two of them clicked straight away. Becca cured this sick cat in the most amazing way!

Meet Mildred, the cute shelter cat with a nasty cold!

sick cat1

Mildred had an upper respiratory infection, a common disease among shelter cats. “She got a bad cold, essentially,” Gordon says. But for Mildred, whom Gordon was fostering, the only thing that made her really feel better was a steamy bathroom. Becca would get up, start the shower and sit leaning up against the bathroom door, watching Mildred savor the steam and enjoy it.

sick cat2

All the steam made it a bad idea for her to bring her laptop or phone inside, which meant Mildred had her undivided and full attention too. “We would sit in there and it would get really steamy,” Becca says. “I would also just sit there and pet her and hold her. She loves it”. “She came  really alive in the steam. I suppose being able to breathe helped  a lot”.

sick cat3

It takes anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes for her to get better. She always makes it very clear when she is ready to come back to bed, by blowing snot everywhere possible. “Usually, what happens is she sneezes a lot” Gordon recalls. “A really big and gross sneeze. And I would be like, ‘OK, clearly some things are moving around”.


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