Simba, The Sad Puppy Finally Got A Home

Simba is a puppy who just needed someone to give him a chance. Someone to love and care for him. Thanks to the Sidewalk Specials kind generosity, he got just that. Scroll down for the video!

Simba was incredibly shy and timid. He spent most of his life in a shelter.  He would keep to himself, not really interact with other dogs, and tremble with his little tail tucked between his legs if people would approach him. Simba was saved from the “Great Escape” rescue, but we can only imagine what Simba went through to behave this way and to be so afraid of everything.

Sadly, his timid and shy nature got interpreted as standoffish, so he was handed in to be put to sleep because he would not play with other dogs and also socialize.

simba in shelter

In addition to all that, Simba also had an advance tick fever that left him with a 50/50 chance of survival. It was like all hope was lost for this sweet little puppy, until the Sidewalk Specials came to help.

The Sidewalk Specials is a group with one firm and strong initiative: “to save shelter and street dogs, one life at a time!” They took Simba to the best veterinary care possible at Vet Point where he got treatment for his tick fever. After that, they put him in a foster home where Simba got a big fur brother to take care of him.

simba with brother

Thanks to his big brother and the loving family who helped him get better, Simba got open to love and affection from dogs and humans too.


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