Sleeping Position Of Your Dog Can Tell You A Lot About His/Her Personality

Check out what your dog`s sleeping position tell you about them and their personality!

Our dogs know everything about unconditional love, loyalty, and also companionship too. And just like people, every one of them has a beautiful and also unique personality. We know that every happy pet owner is interested in learning more about their best friend in the world, so here are some valuable information about your dog’s favorite sleeping position. It can actually reveal a lot about our little friends, their habits, and also personalities.

#1 Sleeping on the side

sleeping position 1

If you often see your doggie sleeping in this position, it means they are very comfortable with their environment and also feel confident and secure too. Those are usually happy, carefree, and very loyal dogs too.

#2 Super pet sleeping position

sleeping position 3

Pups who sleep in this position, with their limbs stretched out and also their belly down, have a great personality. They are always full of energy, very easily motivated, and also very happy. The position is more typical for younger pupa than for adult dogs.

#3 Snuggling

sleeping position 2

This sleeping position is probably the most common one. Dogs actually sleep like this to try to preserve their body heat. If your dog chooses this “snuggly fox” position, they are most likely easy-going and also very gentle and have a very sweet disposition.

#4 Sleeping on the tummy

sleeping position 5

If your dog chooses to sleep in this position, it means they are not completely relaxed. This position is almost like preparation for the deeper sleep yet to come. Those doggies who love this position are often the most energetic and also the adventurous ones, always ready to have fun with you. Usually they have very sweet personalities, although they may be a little shy sometimes.

#5 Crazy legs sleeping position

sleeping position 4

Every time you see your dog sleeping in this position, it will bring a smile to your face for sure. Believe it or not, this is a really comfortable position for them. These dogs are very confident and also secure with themselves and are happy with their families too. Dogs who prefer this sleeping position tend to be very relaxed and quite independent too.

#6 Passed out 

sleeping position 6

Doesn’t this sleeping position totally look like someone has fainted? Don’t worry, everything is just fine with your dog, they sleep like this to try and cool down as quickly as they possible can. Dogs who sleep in this position are very happy, and they feel safe and also relaxed. Plus, these dogs tend to adapt to new situations much more easily.



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