Slim, A Lonely Shelter Dog Got A Family

Slim was a sad, abandoned and a very lonely dog. He was spending his days in a shelter all alone. He only had one friend, a metal bucket. This is so sad. This bucket was he`s only comfort in the world. Fortunately, in the end he found a loving family


Slim found a heartbreakingly humble source of comfort while he was waiting behind the bars of an animal shelter. A metal bucket was his only friend.He was rescued last December in an abandoned house. He was starving and so scared and all alone when they rescued him. Since then, Slim, a  4-year-old pit bull has been spending his time in a kennel in Ohio, hoping and waiting for someone to come and adopt him.

After spending so much time at the shelter, Slim developed anxiety and rejected all toys he was given. His bucket was his only friend , and he held on to it as if his life depended on it. All the staff at the shelter described Slim as very sweet, loving, and playful. No one understands would somebody would abandon him.


Thankfully to a  non profit organization called ” The Forget Me Not Animal Rescue ” Slim got loving family. This organization connects dogs in need with foster and adoptive families by posting the dogs profiles on the Internet. They successfully matched Slim with a foster family, who fell in love with him straight away.

The family decided to adopt Slim forever and he got all the love and care that he was looking for !


Now he is spending his days happy and healthy. Slim is enjoying his life now and he is receiving so much love from his family. He has really been through a lot so he deserves all the best. He is thankful to his rescuers and also all the people who helped him to find his forever family. This is such a heart touching story.

So many animals are abandoned everyday and none of them deserves it. All they ever want is our love, care and attention. They give back to us such unconditional love and loving them and caring for them is really the least that we can do for them.


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