Smokey, African Grey Parrot Acting Like A Baby

Smokey is an African Grey parrot. He is almost six years old and in birds years he is still a baby. African Grey parrots can live over  65 years. Smokey is quite charming and very smart.

Meet Smokey. He has become quite a star on the Internet. He loves the camera. Smokey adores his owner and enjoys every moment with him.

Check out this funny video of Smokey acting like a real baby !

Smokey is so sweet are really smart too. He speaks English and Vietnamese, he knows to meows like a cat and recently he also learned how to bark like a dog.

smokey 5

In the following video Smokey is talking to his owner, repeating his questions and answering on some too. When his owner asks him what he likes to do Smokey answers dance and starts dancing a little bit. Parrots are really smart and if you spend enough time with them you can learn them various tricks.


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