Star Trek Cats, Funny Illustrations Of This Sci-Fi Classic

Beam me up, kitty cat! It is Star Trek with cats and it is simply adorable!

Star Trek is really a sci-fi classic and the only thing that could make it better is cats. Jenny Parks has completely transformed the scenes from the original Star Trek series. You may wonder in what, well, into kitty filled tributes to the show.

star trek 2

She is creating an amazing book of this amazing brainstorm. The book has a simple and a straight forward title, the Star Trek Cats. So, let’s get ready to beam to a land where all things Star Trek just got a little bit more furrier. And let`s be clear, we are not talking about tribbles.

Captain Kirk is maybe replaced with a kitty, but this amazing, orange meower still has William Shatner’s signature swagger.

star trek 3

“I am a cat person for as long as I can remember. Combine that with a sci-fi illustrator’s passion for drawing animals and all things nerdy, and you get a series of my favorite pop culture characters as cats. Somehow it all suddenly became more than just a ridiculous hobby. I realized how many people out there actually loved these cats, too,” says Parks, explaining her book’s origin story.

star trek 4

One of the things I enjoyed most about working on these Star Trek Cats, was actually figuring out what breeds to make each character,” she adds. “Obviously Scotty must be a Scottish Fold, but it took some searching to find a cat for Spock with appropriately distinctive ears. Eventually I found it in the Oriental Short hair cat”.

Not only does this feline Spock have his human/Vulcan counterpart’s infamous ears, but Park also made sure to give him an ectrodactyly thumb, so Spock could still continue to flash his favorite hand gesture. This is really a great project and a fun one. These illustrations are really, really good and amusing.

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