Stranger In Virginia Is Abducting And Shaving Cats

There is a mistery man who is abducting and shaving cats in Waynesboro, Virginia! This stranger is under the investigation of the local police, but his identity yet is not revealed! Read more bellow!

A stranger is mysteriously shaving cats in a small Virginia town and the feline owners aren’t too happy about it.
A small city in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley called Waynesboro is the scene of a strange wave of cat abducting and shaving. Someone is taking roaming pet cats and also shaving their underbellies or legs. It is happened to over ten cats since December. Police Captain Kelly Walker said that all the cats were returned otherwise unharmed.

stranger 2

Walker says all the cats clearly had owners because they were well-groomed and also wearing collars. He says police are not really sure what crime is actually committed, but the owners ‘would really just like it to stop’.

‘Yeah, someone needs get caught and also people are more aware so they can watch for it and keep it from happening in their neighborhood,’ says Maia Oden, who actually showed WHSV how her ginger cat had has his groin shaved.
Walker says he learned of the feline barbering spree just this week when a resident asked if he could post notices asking anyone with any information to contact the police.

stranger 4

Since the shaved areas were the cats’ underbellies and groins, this would seem to indicate that the stranger was concerned about stray kittens. They thought that he was maybe shaving the felines to check for a spay scar. They also thought that he maybe spayed or neutered the cats. But the police say they do not think that is the case. Some of the same cats were shaved more than just once and some already spayed. Cat owners in Virginia are very concerned. Hopefully, the police will find the stranger soon and find about what actually is he doing and why!


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