Stray Cat Escapes Death After Getting Stuck In A Hot Car Engine For Two Hours

A stray cat got trapped in a hot car engine and was stuck there for over TWO hours! Then a miracle happened and the kitty was saved in the end!

stray cat from Philadelphia nestled up under a car bonnet one night to escape the autumn chill, and was hiding from the owner  of the car who then drove to work a few hours later. When his steering was not quite right he decided to stop and to check it out. That is when he found this tiny stray cat wedged next to his engine with 25 % burns all over his tiny body.

stray cat 5

Due to the fact that this kitty`s condition was terrible, the vets thought that he would not make it. But then a miracle happened and this kitten got another chance. They named him Mr Biscuit.

Even though the treatment for tis poor stray cat was long and expensive, at least 750$ per day, no one was giving up on him. He got all the medical attention and the expensive treatments and was recovering slowly but steadily. This poor kitty was fighter.

stray cat 2

stray cat 3

stray cat 4

The cat charity The Grannie Project who tends to look after older cats, took him in. They actually set up a fundraising page to pay for his expensive care. They have already hit their target of 14,000 dollars, because, let’s face it, they all wanted to make sure that little Mr Biscuits gets a chance to chase mice and eat spiders and meet a nice lady cat, would not you?

Mr Biscuit gets sedated every morning so that the vets could clean his wounds. He is desperately looking for his loving forever home. You can keep up to date with his recovery on his Facebook page. This sweet cat deserves all possible care and love. He managed to survive from that horrible situation and he needs someone to love him!


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