Stray Dog Begs For Food To Take To Her Puppies

Stray mom dog begs for some food, but she does not eat it. She takes it for her puppies so they would have something to eat. What a heart touching story! Scroll down for the video!

A mother`s love is like no other, this video below proves it. This does not apply only on humans but on animals too.  A stray mom dog begs for some food and then takes it to her puppies. This video shows us this poor stray mom dog who is willing to put her baby puppies first, and put her needs aside.

stray dog1

As the video uploader tells on YouTube, the mother dog was begging for fried chicken for the second time. The first time she held the chicken in her mouth and took it running away somewhere.  After a while she came back and begged for some more food. The person gave her some more chicken but followed her to see where she was taking the food. To his big surprise, she was taking the food to her litter of puppies.

Here is the video of the stray mom dog bringing food for her babies!

People all around the world were impressed and amazed to see how this mother takes care of her babies. This video went viral all over the Internet straight away. Thousands of people commented how touched they were by her action. There really is no greater love then a mother`s.

This is really one of those stories that will melt your heart. What this mother dog does for her babies is so selfless and so beautiful that it really bring tears to my eyes. She is one of many examples that show us that dogs and other animals have emotions and feelings same as us humans do. She is taking care of her children no matter what. So beautiful!

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