Stray Dogs Watched And Took Care Of An Abandoned Baby Girl

Stray Dogs Watched Over This Abandoned Baby Girl At Howrah Station And Saved Her Life!

How heartless can humans be, when not even flinching at the sight of an abandoned little baby girl? Unsurprisingly, that is exactly what happened at Kolkata’s bustling Howrah railway station, in India. A six month old infant was left abandoned on a bench in the waiting area and hundreds of commuters passed by assuming someone was taking care of her, no one even looked her twice.

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The infant girl was abandoned at the station with a bottle of milk, half-filled, along with a bag of diapers, and also some other essentials. According to a report that was published in Sangbad Pratidin, the only ones who watched over the baby girl were street stray dogs. They formed a protective circle around the little baby, once they sensed that she was all alone and needed protection.

The stray dogs guarded the baby until help came in. After hours an RPF constable noticed the dogs and then approached the infant girl!

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The officials immediately notified the RPF booth at the station there. Quickly officers were deployed to take stock of this unusual situation. According to the local report, Inspector Mihir Das said that this case was not of a child trafficking case but a well-planned move to abandon the little infant girl.

A similar incident was reported in the Purulia district in West Bengal, India. A pack of stray dogs guarded an abandoned baby girl. This iconic photo is often used in campaigns to protest atrocities on strays and was shot in 1996 in streets of Kolkata.

It is really unbelievable how a parent would do that to a child. Things like these just prove once again how dogs are our best friends. That they will help us out whenever we need them. These stray dogs were hungry and living on the streets. Still they did everything possible to protect this little baby, how beautiful is that?


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