Sugar Gliders Are Adorable Little Creatures

Sugar gliders are arboreal animals who spend their life on the trees. Sugar glider is an omnivore which means that they eats plants and animals. Its diet mostly consists of insects, lizards, small birds and their eggs and small mammals too.

Sugar gliders originally come from Southern, Eastern and Northern Australia, New Guinea and also Indonesia. They were introduced in to Tasmania in the early 1800’s. As marsupials, they are born at a very early stage of development weighing less than 1 tiny gram. After that they make their way to mum’s pouch where they continue to develop and grow more.

sugar glider1

Sugar gliders can survive in different types of forests, but they prefer forests of eucalyptus and acacia.  Their name “sugar glider” originates from the fact that this cute animal likes to eat sugar and it can actually glide through the air.

Sugar gliders are very social animals and enjoy company of people. Because of that, they are often kept as pets too. Habitat loss due to deforestation is a major threat for the survival of these adorable animals in the wild. Luckily, their population is large and stable for now and they are not on the list of endangered species.

sugar gliders 4


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