Surprising Facts About Dogs That You Probably Don`t Know

Dogs are the most popular pets all over the world.There are about 525 million dogs on the Earth today. Here are some really surprising facts about our lovely companions!

A dog is the man`s best friend. They love us so much and most of us treat them like our kids or members of family. Here are some surprising facts about our furry friends that most of us probably do not know!

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#1 Dogs are living with humans for at least 14,000 years

In Germany, there are some unearthed remains of a person buried with his dog which are about 14,000 years old. Early dog remains were also found in China, dating about 7,000-5,800 BC. There is even a dog burial site in a  modern day Utah about 11,000 years old.

#2 Dogs were revered throughout the history

When a pet dog died in the ancient Egypt, the owners, if they could afford it, would have their dog mummified with the same care as they would for a human family member. Owners would also shave off their eyebrows as a sign of their extreme grief.  Mayans also kept dogs as pets, and they also associated them with the gods.

#3 A dog’s face may determine its lifespan

Dog breeds with sharp and pointed faces usually live longer on average than dogs with very flat faces, such as bulldogs and pugs too. The dog’s flatter face can sometimes lead to various health issues, including skin, eye and also breathing problems as well as the poor ability to tolerate heat.

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#4 Dogs can read your mind

Not really, but dogs are excellent at reading your body language. For example, one study hid a treat underneath one of the two overturned buckets. A person standing behind the buckets gave various body cues to indicate which bucket had the treat, such as pointing or just leaning towards it. It is like dogs understand our body language.

#5 Touch is actually the first sense that a puppy develops

When a puppy is born, the first thing their mother does is lick and clean them. This touches all the nerve endings in the puppy’s body and gets their blood flowing. From these tender beginnings, touch becomes an important part of socialization for dogs that promotes bonds between friends and also family members, both canine and human too.

#6 Dogs can only sweat through their paws

Here is a surprising fact! Unlike humans who have sweat glands over the most of our bodies, dogs only have sweat glands in between their cute foot pads. Dogs actually rely primarily on panting with their mouths open instead of sweating to cool themselves. Moisture on their tongues evaporates and also cools their overall body temperature too. A panting dog can take about 300-400 breaths per minute, compared to their regular 30 to 40 breaths per minute.


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