Sweetest Puppy Dumped Because He Was Different, But Look At Him Now

The sweetest little puppy was dumped all alone because he was different! Luckily, his luck changed for the better and he is happy and loved now!

A man was walking his dog one day last month in California when he saw something really shocking and disturbing. He saw the sweetest tiny puppy abandoned in a dry river bed. One look at the little puppy and the man knew that he was intentionally dumped there by someone who did not want him. Without intervention, the puppy would not survived for long. When the man picked him up, he could see how much difficulty he had breathing and how his legs were deformed and he was unable to walk.

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The man brought the puppy to the animal control, where staff immediately began reaching out to the local rescue groups. They called several and received no response, until Leslie Bird, the founder and director of NorCal Bully Breed Rescue, read a message from them. She immediately dropped everything and rushed to help.

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“Here was this little sweet boy in front of us,” Bird says. “He had the will to live and, at the time, we had the funds available to help him pull through”. She fondly named him Buggy and then rushed him to her vet, Dr Seth Bleakley.

Bleakley estimated that the puppy was about 4 months old, and he weighed only 10 pounds. He had countless problems, most likely due to poor breeding or inbreeding. Buggy was suffering from an elongated soft palate inside his mouth that constricted his breathing, as did his missing nostril too. He also had luxating elbows in both front legs, making it very difficult for him to walk.

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The vet performed surgery and removed his elongated palate. The vet also created a nostril to allow him to breathe much better. They also placed pins in both legs to stop his elbows from rolling.

Buggy will be available for adoption when he get strong enough. But his forever home must be perfect for him. “Buggy does not know anything is different with him,” Bird says. Buggy will still need one or two more surgeries in the future, but the rescue needs donations to make that happen. If you would like to help with Buggy’s medical care, you can donate here.

source: http://thedodo.com

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