Ten Amazing Animal Bridges That Save Thousands of Animals Everyday

These ten amazing animal bridges save thousands animals everyday from getting hit by cars or trucks!

Everyday more animals get killed by cars and trucks than we can ever imagine. Plenty people drive above the speed limit on highways, owing to the broad long roads, sans obstacles, and it is hard for them to foresee animals crossing from any side of the road. Animals get easily confused and then run from one end to the other end, often losing their lives or get really hurt. These ten amazing crossings solved that problem.

Thousands of animals die from getting hit by cars every year. Governments and also animal welfare associates across the world turned to many resorts like glow in the dark paints, barricading and similar. But nothing works better than these animal bridges and crossings too. So, here are ten amazing bridges and crossing across the globe that not only facilitate a familiar way for animals to cross the road, but also keep them safe too.

#1 Ecoduct, Singapore

ten amazing 2

This animal crossing also saves thousands of animals each year. Singapore also has a lot of endangered species so this is a really good solution for that too.

#2 Ecoduct In Banff National Park, Canada

ten amazing 3

France actually constructed the first wildlife crossings during the 1950s. Since then, several countries including the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and France too are using various crossing structures to reduce the conflict between the wildlife and the roads. In the Netherlands alone, there are more than over 600 tunnels installed under major and minor roads including the longest “ecoduct” viaduct, near Crailo that runs more than half a mile.

#3 Rope Bridge, Victoria

ten amazing 4

#4 Green Wildlife Bridge, Germany

ten amazing 5

#5 Turtle Tunnel, Japan

ten amazing 6

#6 Wildlife Crossing, The Netherlands

ten amazing 7

#7 Crab Bridge, Christmas Island

ten amazing 8

#8 A Tunnel, Finland 

ten amazing 9

#9 Banff National Park, Canada

ten amazing 10

#10 Salamander Tunnels,  New England

ten amazing 11

These are some really good solutions for saving the animals and helping them to stay safe!

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