Ten Most Endangered Animal Species In The World

Every year animals worldwide are disappearing more and more. Here are the ten most endangered animals species in the world!

When population numbers get extremely low, an animals specie can be prone to additional problems such as genetic diseases due to inbreeding if the gene pool becomes too low. Very low population numbers also make them more vulnerable to all sorts of natural disasters, as just one localized event could actually wipe out all remaining specimens. Here are the ten most endangered animals on the planet today!


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There are less than 60 vaquita porpoises still in the wild, in the Gulf of California. Vaquita population was wiped out by illegal fishing for the totoaba fish, which is also facing extinction too . Vaquita porpoises are frequently caught in the gillnets that fishermen actually use to trap the totoaba fish.


ten 3

There are only about 30 Chinese crested terns still in the wild. The tern is native to China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, also Taiwan and Thailand too.


ten 2

There are only between 15 to 20 Hainan black-crested gibbons still alive in the world. Adults can weigh up to 10 kg, and are completely black, while juveniles have a bright golden-yellowish fur.


ten 4

There are only about 24-60 of them still today. They live in a four-hectare area of Moleques Island do Sul in Brazil. There is very poor protection from poachers on the island. Aside from humans, their only predators are birds of prey, nobody else.


ten 5

There are only about 100 of this species of albatross in the wild and its numbers are decreasing rapidly. Its population declined drastically due to long-line fishing. This is when a bird tries to catch a fish that is actually already caught on a fishing hook.


ten 6

There are only about 60 Javan rhinos living in the world. They live in a reserve in Ujung Kulon National Park in Java, Indonesia. They have a dark grey skin and also a single horn measuring up to 10 inches long.


ten 62

There are only 25 adult Fatu Hiva monarchs, a type of a Polynesian bird, on the planet today. They live on the island that they got the name after, the Fatu Hiva island, in the Marquesas Archipelago.


ten 8

This species of bumblebee is the most narrowly distributed bee in the world. It lives only in the US, in southern Oregon and northern California too, between the coast and the Sierra-Cascade Ranges.


ten 22

There are only 3 northern white rhinos in the world today. Armed guards in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya protect them all of the time, so poachers don`t kill them.


ten 12

There are only three of this species of softshell turtle in the wild today. They are native to China and Vietnam too. The Yangtze giant softshell turtle population declined due to hunting, habitat destruction and pollution too.

These are the ten animal species that face extinction very soon if things continue like this.  Everyday more and more animals are disappearing. If their decline continues like this, they will most likely disappear forever!

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