Things We Do That Dogs Dislike

Things that we do and dogs dislike but unfortunately they can not tell us !

We all love our dogs so much that it really hurts us to think we could be doing something to them that makes them fell uncomfortable, sad, or scared. They love us so much in return and are so loyal to us that sometimes, they do not make it obvious when we are doing some things that bothers them.


1. Things like using words more than your body language

People of course are very vocal. We love to chatter away, even with our pets, who can not understand the majority of what we are saying. Dogs might be able to learn what a few key words mean like walk, treat, toy, off  and maybe even learn hundreds of words as some border collies can. But they actually can not understand human language. What they really rely on to figure out what we are saying is our body language. Dogs have evolved enough to be expert readers of the human body and can actually figure out what we are thinking and feeling even before you we realize it. But we can easily send some mixed signals if we are only paying attention to what are we saying and not what our bodies are saying.


2. Things like yelling at them

Of course dogs need limits but for sure you will be more successful by encouraging good behaviors rather than yelling at them when they are behaving badly. Yelling will likely make them quite anxious or scared or maybe they’re completely desensitized to it Most of the time, they won’t even know what you are you saying. This is one of the things that dogs really dislike.



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