Three Legged Dog Lived In A Shoe Box For Weeks, But Then Everything Changed

A three legged dog slept in a shoe box on a street for weeks before someone saved her and gave her another chance to be happy again! Scroll down for the video!

A three legged dog Princess was homeless and living on the street for five months. No one knows where she came from or even how she lost her leg, but clearly this little, sweet dog had a really rough life.

Hope for Paws, a rescue organization in Los Angeles, got a text message about Princess. The message was saying that she was living in front of someone’s house for months and no one knew who she actually belonged to. Rescuers immediately went there to check it out, and found poor Princess sleeping in a shoe box in the rain, just waiting for someone to come and help her out.

three legged 2

Princess watched her rescuers with wide eyes as they slowly approached her and put a leash around her. She was so scared, but like she knew that the rescuers were trying to help her. She did not bark or even try to run away. Princess was clearly afraid, and also seemed a little defeated. It is like she knew that she was not going to make it without someone`s help.

three legged 3

The rescuers talked to the homeowner of the house. He says that Princess was sleeping in the shoe box for around two weeks now, and that he was feeding her ever since. The rescuers quickly took Princess into their car and wrapped her up in a blanket to help her get warm and dry too. Then they rushed her off to the vet, where they cleaned her up.

three legged 4

She finally got a warm place to sleep and get some rest!

three legged 5

It turns out that Princess was very sick from severe anemia, and that she needed immediate attention and also care. If her rescuers did not found her when they did, she might not have made it at all.

Here is the video of Princess`s rescuing and recovery! This poor, sweet dog needs a home now!

Sweet Princess is feeling all better now, but is still a very calm, and a shy little dog. Her favorite thing is that someone holds her and cuddles her. Now she is looking for a forever family who can give her all that.

If you would like to adopt Princess, you can contact Smooch Pooch Rescue for more information.

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