Tiny Puppy Has No Idea That He Is Different Than Others, And Guess He`s Perfect Anyways

Tiny puppy that was born without legs has no idea he is different and guess what, this does not limit him to be a happy pup!

When Neizam, a tiny puppy was born, his owners only saw what was wrong with him. This cute puppy was extra tiny, weighing only about 10 ounces, and all four of his legs were really malformed from a birth defect. Neizam’s owners did not have any idea how to properly care for Neizam, so they reached out to Rabito Kontento. This is an organization in Puerto Rico that rescues abandoned, injured or disabled dogs, and asked if it would take him in.

tiny puppy 1

But when Mariel Rojas, the president and also the founder of Rabito Kontento, took Neizam into her care, she was not really certain that he would survive. Neizam’s main issue actually was not his malformed legs, but the fact that he wouldn’t  or better say couldn’t eat. “He was too small,” Rojas says. “When they gave him to us, he did not even know how to eat”.

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Worried that Neizam would wither away from malnourishment, Rojas quickly rushed him to the vet. But their prognosis was not really that great. “The vet did not know if he was going to survive,” Rojas says. “He did not give us any high hopes”.

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But Rojas and the other volunteers simply refused to give up on the little tiny puppy. Once Neizam was discharged from the vet, they took him home and then started bottle-feeding him some blended food. And each day that Neizam ate, he got a little stronger and a bit healthier!

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But Neizam was still very tiny and very fragile at that time. Rojas went to great lengths to keep him safe, especially when he started moving himself around on his tiny elbows and knees. “He turned out to be super agile and also loves to move around but, being so delicate, we had to find certain ways to protect him,” Rojas says. “We dressed him to keep his fragile tiny body warm. We had foam areas for him to cushion his tiny bones, along with a play yard for Neizam with lots of fluffy toys”.

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Besides running around and playing too, Neizam loves his car rides. He loves getting lots of pets and also wrestling with the other dogs at the rescue, who are actually much bigger than him.

“It amazes us how he really does not know he has any limitations,” Rojas says. “He is happy and really lovable all the time. And we cannot forget how he always manages to escape his playpen somehow! He is such an escape artist, which is one of those things we love about him”.

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tiny puppy 8

“He just wants to live,” Rojas adds. “Neizam is a pure example that one does not have to be perfect to be happy and grateful for what we do have in life”.

source: www.thedodo.com

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