Titus, The World`s Most Unusual Pit Bull

Meet Titus, an unusual looking Pit Bull. He looks like a Cheetah but is actually a dog!

When you first get a glimpse of Titus, you may think that he is a Cheetah, but as a matter a fact, he isn’t. This dog is so rare, that actually he is the only one of his kind in his entire breed. Everyone, meet Titus. It is easy to see that Titus is actually a dog, unlike any other of his kind. He is an Albanian Pit Bull, which is a really, really rare breed. We are talking about a dog that is so rare, that there is only one example, and that example is him!

What do you think? Is he real or not? Well, we think that actually this is a color ink!


Titus became an overnight Internet sensation when his picture got on the Internet, and it quickly went viral all over. Now, here is the key, there are lots of different ways to create this cheetah like appearance on this dog. Some people use the magic tricks from photo shop in order to make their dog look like Titus, or they can simply apply spots to their dog using a non toxic, temporary ink.

The simple fact that Titus is sitting on what looks like a groomer’s table in this photo gives the suggestion that the color ink was used here to achieve this pattern. Here is another member in the line of rare and mythical dogs with unusual looks, the Sahara Dachshund.


There can be some genetic mutations that can make appearances like this. In this case it is pretty safe to say that Titus`s look is created by the groomer. How do you like his look? Do you find it cute or think that this is too much?


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