Tom Hardy Posts An Emotional Tribute To His Dog, And It Is Really Beautiful

Tom Hardy posted an emotional tribute for his beloved dog who just passed over the rainbow bridge and people are drowning in tears!

Famous English actor Tom Hardy just shared the most devastating news that his beloved dog Woodstock passed over the rainbow bridge! People all over the world are saying they are crying for the canine they ‘haven’t even met’.
Hardy was in a car  then when they nearly ran over the 11-week-old Woodstock. The actor decided to stop his car and go after him and save him.

Since that moment, the two of them were inseparable! Just remember, Hardy even attended the premiere of the film Legend back in 2015 with Woodstock by his side. So, when Woodstock recently passed of aggressive polymyostisis after 6 years of companionship, Hardy was feeling really emotional. “I am ultimately grateful for his loyal companionship and also love and it is of some great comfort that he is no longer suffering. Above all that I am completely gutted. The world for me was a much better place with him in it and by my side”.

tom hardy 3

And here is the beautiful emotional tribute to Woodstock!

tom hardy 4

tom hardy 5

tom hardy 6

tom hardy 7

tom hardy 8

tom hardy 9

tom hardy 10

tom hardy 11

tom hardy 12

tom hardy 13

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How emotional and beautiful is that? All of us animal lovers and owners fear that terrible day when this happens to us! Unfortunately, that is life and that is how it goes. All we can do is love and care for our pets and make sure to give them the best possible life! They love us unconditionally and we are their entire world! They make our world special and our lives better! There is no greater love than theirs! So when they pass that rainbow bridge all we have are memories, and those memories stay with us forever! Love your pets the best way you can guys and spoil them as much as possible!


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