Touching Stories That Will Change Your Perception Of Animals Completely

Here are some really touching stories about animal`s loyalty and unconditional love that will change your perception of animals completely!

Many people think that animals can not feel deeply, but they are actually able to experience the different emotions same as humans do. Friendship, dedication, care, also infinite devotion, here are some really touching stories!

#1 Suryia the orangutan

touching stories 1

When Suryia the orangutan was a baby, he lost his parents. He completely lost the desire to live, he refused to eat, and also did not respond to any treatment. Then a dog came to the shelter, and he became his best friend at once. Since then they are inseparable!

#2 Mila the Beluga whale

touching stories 2

Mila the Beluga whale pushed a woman called Yang Yun to the surface with her nose when the woman had stiff legs during a diving competition. Mila the whale saved her life.

#3 Beloved parrot

touching stories 3

“You be good and I love you”. This is what Irene Pepperberg heard from her beloved parrot as a goodbye just before he died.

#4 Tommy the dog

touching stories 4

Tommy the dog used to go to church with his owner. But when she passed away, he started visiting the services alone. Your dog is only a part of the world for you, but you are the entire world for them.

#5 Elephant`s loyalty

touching stories 5

When a conservationist Lawrence Anthony died, these South African elephants gathered in a big group and walked for 12 hours to his house. Anthony previously saved them from death when poachers wanted to shoot them.

#6 Lisha the Labrador Retriever

touching stories 6

Lisha the Labrador Retriever fed milk to over 30 animals of different species who lost their mommies. She continued to raise these babies after this also teaching them  how to survive.

#7 Dog`s intuition

touching stories 7

Two lovely guide dogs, Salty and Roselle, took their owners out of the World Trade Center during the horrible attack on September 11, 2001.

#8 Dorothy the Chimpanzee

touching stories 8

At the Chimpanzee Rescue Center in Cameroon, Dorothy the chimp suddenly died of heart failure. During her funeral, the most amazing thing happened! Her friends stood around and also embraced, as if saying goodbye to her.


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