Truck Driver Finds The Cutest Baby Aardvark

A truck driver in Namibia finds the tiniest and cutest visitor hiding next to his tire! The poor baby was all alone and had nowhere else to go!

The truck driver was just getting ready to take off, but first he checked his tires. It ended up being a really good thing that he did, since leaning against one of the front tires was a cute, tiny baby aardvark. He lost his mommy and was all alone!

truck driver2

This truck driver searched the area and tried to find the aardvark’s mom, but with no luck. He took the baby aardvark up and drove him all the way to the truck company’s headquarters. From there, the aardvark went to Dr. Erika de Jager, a local vet and the founder of ZURI Orphanage, a small animal refuge that she actually runs from her home.

truck driver 1

The cute baby aardvark got the name E.T. He had no body hair, and was probably just about 2 months old.

truck driver3

As soon as Dr. Erika laid her eyes on the aardvark’s little pink body and also his long, anteater-like snout, she was in love. “It was love at first sight for me,” de Jager says.

truck driver4

She never had an aardvark before, so she started learning how to properly take care of him.


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