Two Chihuahuas Hugging Each Other In A Shelter

These poor two Chihuahuas got left at county shelter in Middle, Georgia. They are so scared that they spend all of their time hugging each other waiting for a better tomorrow. They are afraid because their future is very uncertain. This shelter, which incredibly does not have any official name, says that the two pups got left there mercilessly by an owner who no longer could afford to care for them.

two chihuahuas 2

According to an anonymous source who works at the shelter, the two Chihuahuas are a pair. They are so scared by the noise, and also by the chaos of their new environments. They are refusing food, and are so afraid of everything that they spend most of their days consoling each other in a tight grip. In fact, the rescuers say that the two of them have not let go of each other for volunteers to even inspect them. So the volunteers do not even know the gender of the two puppies at this time.

If you or maybe someone you know is willing to give these two precious puppies the home that they deserve, please e-mail Charli at Please share this story on Facebook or Twitter or any social media. That will give the puppies a better chance of finding the loving forever family they rightfully deserve.

These two sweet dogs have really been through a lot recently. They really need someone to take them home. Someone to love them and take care of them. Every day so many dogs like the two of them loose everything and are alone. If there is anyway that you can help, help them. Every animal counts, every life counts. Adopt, don`t but. The love you will get from a rescue animal is so unconditional and you will save her/his life.


2 thoughts on “Two Chihuahuas Hugging Each Other In A Shelter

  • February 9, 2017 at 9:21 am

    what are the fees to adopt them? where are they?

    • February 9, 2017 at 1:11 pm

      Hi, well yesterday we got the information that both dogs have been adopted and that they have a home now! So luckily, it all turned out good for them. We hope that they will be loved and cared for properly now. Have a nice day!

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