Two Dogs On Train Tracks Got Rescued (VIDEO)

Two dogs were lying on a train tracks for two days. One dog was injured and the other one was taking care of the other. What a heartwarming and a really amazing story! This is true friendship! Scroll down for the video!

Dogs are so loyal to their humans and to their friends too. We do not call them a “man’s best friend” for no reason! But we must not forget that dogs are, naturally, very social animals that live in packs and instinctively take care of each other.When this dog was injured on train tracks in somewhere in Ukraine, her four legged friend did not leave her side even for a second. These two dogs really show us what is friendship!

A group of animal rescuers got a call saying two dogs were lying on the railway tracks!

two dogs1

Denis Malafeyev, actually shared this touching story on Facebook. He was one of the rescuers there.


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