Two Rescue Kitties Become Inseparable Friends

Two kitties Louie and Luna met in a shelter after being rescued. Ever since the two of them are inseparable. Their love and bond grows stronger everyday.

Meet Louie and Luna. This two lovely kitties first met at an animal shelter in Florida. Straight away they started cuddling and playing together. It must had been love at first sight.


They are so in love. They spend all of their time together just cuddling all day long. Luna is a brown Maine Coon cat and Louie is an orange tabby cat. “When we adopted them, they were super close. They liked each other more than they liked us for sure” said James, their human dad.

James and his girlfriend went to the shelter planning to adopt a dog but when they saw this two they fell in love with them straight away. So James took this cute couple home with him. “We went to the shelter looking for a dog but we live in an apartment and both work full time jobs. That keeps us away from home a lot and dogs require a lot more attention” said James “So we decided in the end that getting a cat would be the better choice, especially because I have had cats my whole life and I knew what it took to house one and everything.”


Luna was with Louie the second time they came to the shelter . They decided to “foster” Louie so Luna could have a companion when she was adopted. As soon as they arrived to their new home, it was very apparent that these two kitties could not be separated.

Just look at this two sweethearts! They are adorable!


They love to take care of each other. The two of them take naps together and it is very clear that the two of them belong together. Rescue cats appreciate much more their adoptive owners, especially if they have been in the shelter for a longer period of time. The two of them are very grateful for the life they have now and love the couple that has adopted them so much. These days they are spending their time under the mistletoe next to the Christmas tree. They are waiting for Christmas, how cute is that.


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