Unusual And Rare Pit Bull Coat Colorations

Here are some really unusual and rare Pit Bull coat colorations! Mother nature made them look really different and unique but still beautiful and adorable!

We all know that there are several  coat varieties within the Pit Bull breed overall, with different and unusual markings resulting from the rich, always surprising variety of the canine genes. We have gathered the most unusual and rare Pit Bull markings we could find.

#1 MooMoo, or  the Piebald Pit Bull

unusual 1

The Piebald Pit Bull coloration is actually a favorite due to the many patterns this classification of dog has to offer. Whether your MooMoo Pit Bull is rocking a pattern in the shape of a pipe wrench like the one shown in this picture, or an adorable heart shape, this coloration is truly unique and unusual too. The Moo Moo Pit Bull just happens, you can not create its unique appearance. The MooMoo Pit Bull is always white, with some blue, red,  also grey, tan buckskin and black color.

#2 WuXi China Bengal Pit Bulls

unusual 2

These cute unusual dogs are the outcome of an unique, genetically engineered Pit Bull. They are recognizable for their bright orange and black stripes too. The Wu Xi China Pit Bulls are symbols of good luck, particularly during the Chinese Year of the Tiger.


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