Unwanted Cow Finds Someone To Love Her

Tiny, unwanted cow gets laughed at during one auction, until one woman sees her and falls in love!

When Susie Coston who works at an animal rescue first saw Blitzen the tiny, unwanted cow at a cattle auction, she knew she had to save him from certain death. “They called him trash and joked about him, no one even bid on him,” says Susie. She is the national shelter director for Farm Sanctuary. Poor Blitzen had only 37 pounds, and could fit into a bowl.


That very day she was actually rescuing two other sick calves who came from massive dairy farms in Pennsylvania and New York, Lawrence and Alexander. “Calves often arrive at the stockyard too weak to even stand normally. They are often dehydrated, and without vital colostrum that they should receive from their mothers,” Coston says. “This leaves them really vulnerable to infection and diseases too, which quickly sets in”.

unwanted 2

Blitzen was only one or maybe two days old when she first saw him. Together with Lawrence and Alexander, she took them to an animal hospital at Cornell University. All of this happened in the year 2010, and even though Blitzen was treated for pneumonia and needed a blood transfusion, all three of the tiny, unwanted cows made it.  Unfortunately, Alexander died after five happy years at the sanctuary, due to some complications coming from his rough start in life.

unwanted cow 3

Nowadays Blitzen spends his happy days playing with Lawrence, and he weights a couple of thousand pounds. Now he is one strong cow. He is enjoying his new life at the sanctuary. Blitzen went from an unwanted, tiny and sick cow to a healthy and happy one.

unwanted cow4

Blitzen is one lucky cow. He had the fortune to meet this kind lady Susie who takes care of him and helped him get better. Today he is an adult and is quite big too. He also loves spending his days playing around with his friends.

unwanted 5


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