Various People All Over The World Are Helping This Man To Rescue Cats

This kind man is doing all he can to save abandoned and sick cats. Now, various people all over the world are helping him in his mission!

This is a story of a kind man who dedicated his life to saving cats. Meet Muslihudin Sharbinie! One day he came to the animal clinic after a nearly three-hour scooter ride along the winding, mountainous roads near Bogor, Indonesia. The veterinarian there had some really discouraging words for him. The cat he brought was a stray he found just after being hit by a car and she wasn’t going to make it. It was even too expensive to even try to save her life. Better to let her go, the vet said. But Sharbini, who goes by the name Uli, said to the vet “My friends will pay for this, we will save her”. These friends are various people who live thousands of miles away, in the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom too. Uli calls them his angels and they call him The Gandhi of Bogor.

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Through the crowd funding, Uli’s various people help him to save countless cats around his village. They helped him get much needed medicine to them, also arranging for spaying too. In this precious kitty`s case, also covering the cost of surgery that will save her life.

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Before he got all this help Uli could do very little for them. He would feed them and prepare natural remedies to treat them. Some locals there see cats as nuisance, so many cats get poisoned and killed too.

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In 2014, Kristen Connelly, who lives in Oxnard, California, came across upon Uli’s Facebook profile.”He has such an amazing interest in cats,” she says. “And so I thought, I really need to know this person better”. So she ended up sending him a friend request. And then Kristen asked him if there was anything she could do to to help him.

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Connelly then networked with other animal lovers like as Daniela Langer, Trish Delahaye and Cher Callaway too. “The four of us, we decided, no matter what we do, we are going to do everything possible to help Uli,” Connelly says. They started a GofundMe account for his cat saving mission. Soon, they raised enough money to schedule visits from the Jakarta Animal Aid Network to spay and also neuter the village stray cats.

Uli, actually built a school in his village from scratch. That`s why he did not need any help to build a sanctuary for the cats. He scavenged local dumps for fencing and also lumber, eventually building a multistory cat city, complete with lovely welcome signs and colorful painted cats too. The sanctuary is for sick and hungry cats too.

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