Venus The Two Faced Cat (VIDEO)

Venus has two different colored faces. What does this exactly mean? One side of her face is black and the other is a orange tabby. She has one green eye and one blue eye. Venus is quite amazing.


Venus has become very famous for her different and interesting appearance. She is three years old and is very popular on social media. Venus also has its own Facebook page too.


A professor from the University of California, Davis who studies the genetics of domestic cats said that this is so very strange and rare. Also he said that he had never seen something like that before.


Plenty people refer to Venus as a “Chimera cat”. You may wonder what is a Chimera cat actually? Well, according mythology is a mixed monster that is made up from different parts of different animals. As a matter of fact, feline chimera is actually thought to be a cat with two different DNA cell types combined together.


So, what explains hers fascinating face? By one theory the black color was accidentally activated by cells on one side and the orange color was also activated by cells on the other side. These patches met in the middle and formed the look that she has.

Here is a cute video of Venus playing in her cat condo!

Her owner is actually a animal adoption activist too. Two of them were guests on “The Today Show” once. She said that Venus has over 200,000 followers on Facebook and over 165,000 followers on Instagram. Indeed she is a true star.

Here is the interview from the “The Today Show”

It’s easy to see why she’s famous, but she’s not all looks. Her owner says that she’s a sweetheart too, and does not even scratch her furniture. She is really one special kitty that we have all fallen in love with. Even though that she is a bit different, that does not make her one less bit beautiful. On the contrary, we find her magnificent.


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