Veteran Gets A Perfect Christmas Present

Veteran Peter Coukoulis gets a perfect early Christmas present to help him heal!

Like for many soldiers when they retire from duty, when veteran Peter Coukoulis returned to his civilian life, things just were not the same. He served over five years with the Marine Corps, which included a deployment to Afghanistan where his unit suffered many losses. When he came back home to Florida he found out his dog from childhood had passed away.


He came back around three years ago, and he is suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from experience overseas ever since . But thanks to a special gift from his loving family, things are starting to brighten up again for him.


Even though Christmas is still some weeks away, this veteran`s family decided to surprise him with an early present to help lift his spirit. Little did he know at the time how happy it could make him feel. His happy tears are proof of that. Then again, nothing can heal you like a puppy’s wagging tail and those sweet puppy eyes. It is true that pets are not really the best present since they are not for everyone. In this case it was just what this brave veteran needed.

“The puppy has already changed Peter’s life for the best,” Dena, the mother of the veteran says. “It has made him so happy after a very difficult three years.”


Owning a dog can lift your mood or help you deal with stress much better. Dogs can help people feel quite better by providing them companionship. All dog owners, especially those who have PTSD can experience these benefits. Dogs can help bring emotions of love, reduce stress and they make really good companions. Recovering from PTSD is a long process and dogs can help to speed it up a bit.

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