Vets Wanted To Put Him Down Because He Was So Tiny And Different, But One Of Them Decided To Fight For His Life

Vets wanted to euthanize this little special kitten because he was so tiny and his head was enlarged.  Luckily, one of them decided to fight to save his precious life. Now he won’t stop purring in her pocket, full of love!

Vets wanted to put down this little boy when he first arrived, he was the smallest of them all and his head was enlarged which is a serious problem. One of the vets decided to fight for his life and give him a chance! Good thing she did because this little kitty is a fighter! He managed to recover and now has a loving home!

This cute little fellow’s name is Roger! He was extremely tiny when he arrived at the Kern County Animal Services. His head was a bit enlarged and he also had a nasty eye infection. Dr Arnold was able to successfully treat all his ailments and also get him ready for adoption. An enlarged head is not something to take too lightly, it happens to be a serious condition which is also called hydrocephalus.

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Hydrocephalus is actually a neurological disease which is also called ‘water on the brain’ . There is a buildup of fluid (spinal fluid) on the inside the skull, and just for the record, it can also happen in humans too!

Most commonly, hydrocephalus in kittens or young cats happens from a blockage from a congenital defect that prevents the spinal fluid from draining out correctly. Some viruses, tumors, parasites or bacterial and also fungal infections may also cause this serious disorder.

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Treatment depends on the severity of all of the symptoms together. The goal of treatment is to consequently minimize damage to the brain by removing some or most of the excess fluid. This can usually be done through various medications. If there is a tumor causing the blockage, then with a surgery to remove the tumor. If it is left untreated, the prognosis is not really good.

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Little kitten who are born with hydrocephalus do respond well to treatments and can live a full and healthy life too.

It appears that little Roger has a really strong will to live. Cute Roger also has a deep love for snuggling! Thankfully, Roger was treated for all of this. He is indeed on his way to a full, happy life full of snuggles and also purrs!


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