Website That Matches You With A Rescue Dog

Now there is a website that matches you with the perfect rescue dog, how wonderful!

We all know about dating websites that match you up with your perfect partner, but now there is also a website that can match you up with your perfect dog partner! Paws Like Me is a website that helps you find your perfect dog companion. It does this by using a personality quiz to determine exactly what are you looking for in a pet.

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The quiz also takes into account four main components, energy, confidence, focus and independence too. For example, if you are looking for a dog who likes to go for casual walks but not 3-mile runs. Or if you are looking for a dog who loves meeting new people. The quiz will determine that and match you with a dog who fits your needs.

This quiz is made up of 39 various questions. Some various questions like “Which describes you best, caring or logical?” to “My friends would describe me as someone who exercises often, do you agree or disagree?”.


There is also a shorter, a 4-question version of the quiz if you want a quicker assessment. Once you have finished the quiz and plugged in your location, the site generates the best matches for you. It arranges them by the compatibility percentage. Then once you have got your matches based on your personality, you can narrow them down by selecting a preference in size, age, gender or breed too.


Since so many shelter dogs are mix breeds, sometimes it is difficult to determine their traits based on the breed alone. That is why the founders came up with a personality based algorithm. It takes into account exactly what you need in a dog, and exactly what a each dog needs in a home. It tries to make a perfect match that will guarantee the dog gets a loving, caring, successful forever home.

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