White Puppy Who Was Stabbed 19 Times Barely Makes It And His Luck Finally Turns (VIDEO)

A white puppy was stabbed 19 times by a really cruel person! He barely makes it and his luck finally turns! He gets adopted by the person who actually rescued her! Srcoll down for the video!

When police officers were responding to a call in St. Louis County, Missouri, they were shocked to come across a sweet little white puppy named Frannie. He was stabbed nineteen times.

The police officers acted quickly to save his precious life. Thanks to their actions, a story that could have ended tragically now has a happy ending!

The police officers saw little Frannie, who they believe is a poodle mix, outside a church in northern St. Louis County. When the police officers found her, she already lost a lot of blood and was also in shock from the trauma. The officers quickly took her to the Humane Society of Missouri, where she was given IV fluids, pain medication, and also antibiotics to protect her from infection. Little by little, she began recovering bit by bit.

white puppy 3

The Humane Society of Missouri actually shared Frannie’s story on Facebook, and many people were reallt moved by the dog’s resilience and also strength. They began sending in some presents for Frannie to play with while she was recovering from the horror she went through . Frannie was really grateful for all of her gifts!

white puppy 2

Frannie, the white puppy is well on her way to making a full recovery. Now she has a wonderful new forever home. One of the family members of the first responders actually adopted her, and they are giving her all the love that she really needs.

Check out Frannie`s story in this video! She went through hell but now she is safe and has all the love in the world!

“Frannie has a legion of people who took an interest in her plight, donated toys and also money to help us care for her and who wanted to adopt her too,”  says Kathy Warnick, president of the Humane Society of Missouri. “We feel adopting her to this first-responder family will really ensure her the safe and also loving future she deserves. We are very grateful for all of the expressions of support and also love we have received for sweet Frannie”.

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