Woman Disguised A Dog Like A Baby So They Could Visit Her Elderly Owner In The Hospital

A woman disguised her grandma`s dog like a baby so they could go to the hospital and visit her! Would you do the same?

This clever woman disguised her grandma`s doggy to look like a baby so they could go to the hospital, visit her and show her some love. Even though this is a bit odd and against the rules, the reason for all of this is really heartwarming. The dog is her best friend and what better cure than your dog?

Sometimes the best medicine is not what the doctor prescribes, but a good dose of love from your loving dog or cat. This is exactly what Shelby Hennick, who is a vet tech in California, thought about when her grandmother went into the hospital earlier this week. When Hennick went to visit her, she brought along Patsy, her grandmother’s beloved 13-year-old dog, whom she had since Patsy was a puppy.

Meet grandma and her beloved dog Patsy!

woman disguised 1

“It was actually my mom’s idea to bring Patsy into the hospital,” Hennick says. “My mom called me as I was passing her [my grandmother’s] house, and so I stopped, just went through the back door, and off we went to the hosital”. The hospital actually does allow pets inside with the right paperwork. But she was not sure if they would allow it since she did not have all her dog’s paperwork with her, so she just improvised. Hennick had a gray blanket inside her car, so she swaddled Patsy in that, making her look like a little sleeping baby.

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