Woman Finds A Kitten In A Dumpster, Then Realizes How Rare He Is

A woman finds a crying baby kitten in the dumpster and saves him! Soon she realizes how rare he is! He is a male calico cat!

Unfortunately, too often we hear about animals being left to die in dumpsters or on the streets. No animals deserves this. This woman finds a dying baby kitten crying in a dumpster. He was all alone, his mother was nowhere in sight and there were no other kittens there with him. The baby kitten did not even have his eyes open yet! The woman named him Martyr. She knew that she could not leave him there alone to fend for himself, so she became his new human mom.

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When she took him to the vet, she learned that he had a few health issues, but also how rare he actually was. She woman bottle fed him around the clock to help him get big and strong too.

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Before this little guy even could open his eyes, he lost one of his paws to gangrene. But that did not stop this tiny fighter from surviving and growing strong. He is a male calico cat. That is really rare. 98% of calico cats are females.

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f you are a big cat lover, you might know how rare he is. Almost all calico cats are girls and it is usually easy to tell calico’s gender just by looking at their fur. In around every 3,000 calico cats, roughly one is a boy. That is only one tiny percentage! So, Martyr is truly a special little guy.

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His broken leg healed and the little angel soon became a big boy, with a giant personality to match! Its nearly six months since this woman saved Martyr in that dumpster. As you can tell from his pictures, he is now a happy and a healthy kitten.

Even though he had a rough start in life, Martyr survived and grew strong with the help of his human mommy. He has a loving home now and a family who adores him!

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