Woman Gives Up Everything To Save Animals

This woman gives up everything to save hundreds of dogs from the streets. What she is doing is just amazing! She is so selfless and kind!

Two weeks ago, 18 dogs arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City after traveling more than 11,000 miles all the way from South Korea. Some of those dogs were rescued from South Korean meat farms, others were saved from puppy mills, and some were stray dogs from the streets. Whatever their backgrounds were, these dogs are all getting a fresh start in the United States. And this woman is helping them!


Plenty people are helping so these dogs can get to the United States, but one person played a particularly important role, a South Korean woman who goes by the name “Ms. Jung.” She is one of South Korea’s unsung heroes, and according to EK Park, she is the founder of  the organization Free Korean Dogs. She is rescuing dogs her whole life, but the last 20 years she is heavily involved.



Ms. Jung runs a private refuge for rescued dogs Chungdo Shelter from her home near Daegu, in South Korea. But Chungdo Shelter is not an ordinary shelter. Instead of keeping the dogs in cages or enclosures, she allows them to live inside with her in her house. There are always around 200 dogs living at her house. It is a two story building, and the dogs live inside with her.



Ms. Jung is in her mid-60s, and she has many health problems. But instead of taking care of herself, she spends all of her time and money taking care of the dogs. She opens her home to any dog, no matter young or old, healthy or sick. Besides being short on time, she also struggles to pay for the dogs care, especially when it comes to the vet bills. But she never skimps, if a dog needs medical attention, she makes sure that the dog gets it.



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